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Plan Choices

Choosing the right Plan for you and your Employees

Every individual has different needs, different goals and different ideas about how they want to spend their retirement. Your time horizon, your employee profile and your management philosophy will help determine the plan or combination of plans that offer you, the owner, the greatest advantage. Our Retirement Program Specialists will help work one-to-one with you to find a suitable plan for you and your employees.

When it comes to determining which plan or combination of plans might enable you to defer the most money for yourself, it's important that you work with professionals who constantly keep abreast of the ever changing tax laws and eligibility requirements. The ADA Members Retirement Program constantly monitors government regulations to make sure your plan remains current, and updates to your plan are made with no additional charge.

Profit Sharing Plan

Profit Sharing Plans enable you to vary your retirement contributions year to year with no advance commitment.

Traditional 401(k) Plan

Traditional 401(k) Plans with low start-up costs are a great tool for attracting and retaining employees, while enabling you to defer income taxes on contributions.

Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan

The Safe Harbor 401(k) Plan eliminates compliance testing required under traditional 401(k) plans as long as Safe Harbor requirements are satisfied, enabling you to defer more income, regardless of how much your employees choose to contribute.

Owners 401(k) Plan

One-person businesses, whether or not the owner also works full-time for another employer, should take a hard look at how they may be able to generate tax deductions for themselves — that are more than twice as much in some cases than with traditional retirement plans — by establishing an Owners 401(k) Plan. These plans can be inexpensive to set-up and you have the flexibility to decide each year whether or not to contribute.

Please consult with one of our Retirement Program Specialists to help determine which plan may best fit you and your practice.

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