ADA Members Retirement Program
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Program Benefits

Saves Time & Money

Your time is too valuable to be spent on Administrative Tasks

The ADA Members Retirement Program is committed to helping you keep your costs affordable while offering comprehensive service that minimizes the amount of time needed to manage your plan.

Once established, you can expect our staff of Retirement Plan Account Managers to provide you with a wide range of plan services designed to simplify your plan's administration, assist you with IRS compliance, and preserve your plan's tax-favored status.

Some of these plan services provided at no additional cost to the employer are:

  • Contribution and investment reports.
  • Compliance testing.
  • Tax reporting (1099s) & preparation of 5500 Forms.
  • Plan design and update assistance.
  • Plan sponsor education (e.g. Plan Insight newsletter, Plan Education Center on program website, statement messaging).
  • Investment option updates.
  • No-fees for transfers among investment options and allocation changes.

Your ADA Group Membership can lower Retirement Plan Costs

The ADA Members Retirement Program, an exclusive member benefit available through the American Dental Association, offers you a full-service retirement plan on preferred terms, due to the ADA's ability to leverage its organization's size and market strength. The ADA Members Retirement Program offers:

  • A one-time only enrollment fee of $25 per participant.
  • No out-of-pocket plan expenses - they're covered through reasonable, ongoing deductions from the total portfolio.
  • Convenient, asset-based fees.
  • Competitive "All-In" Fee for ADA Members Retirement Program Plans.

Professionals like you have been investing with the ADA Members Retirement Program for almost 50 years. And today, you can enjoy all the benefits and economies you'd expect from a program with thousands of participants.

For a complete explanation on how the ADA Members Retirement Program saves you time and money, please consult with one of our Retirement Program Specialists.

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