ADA Members Retirement Program
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Program Benefits

Employee Education

Educating employees about retirement is a lifelong process. Some employees may need to learn about the fundamentals of retirement planning and the need to put money aside for the future. Others may need support as they face competing demands on their savings, such as college costs. Pre-retirees need guidance on how to create a lifetime income stream from their retirement savings and retirees need guidance in managing their lifetime savings so that it will last for the rest of their lives.

The program website has a Participant Education Center, where participants can find articles, interactive tools, and calculators to assist them in planning, saving, and investing for retirement. In addition, there are educational slides available on the login page, along with messaging and a Participant Insight newsletter designed to assist participants better understand their retirement plan.

The website also has a tool, My Retirement Goals. Participant can enter their retirement goals and answer a few questions and we will create a dashboard that graphically illustrates if they are on the path to meeting their retirement goals. Each time they return to the site they can get an update on how they are doing and whether they may need to take action to help meet their goals.

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